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It's time for a change.....

We had thought that by mid-summer of 2020 there would be progress in battling the twin storms of COVID-19 and civil unrest.  That has not happened. Due to the effects of these disasters on the travel industry, we find it necessary to make changes to the way we conduct our travel business.

We take great pride in our reputation for outstanding service and support. It has brought us great pleasure to use our years of gathering travel knowledge and experience into making precious memories for our loyal clients. Because of this, we have decided that changes must be made. We have had time to reflect and learn that the time has come for us to realize that what we choose NOT to offer our clients can be just as important as the products and services we choose to offer.  

Effectively Immediately  - We are taking a break from cruising. 

Until further notice, JR Travel Advisors, LLC will not book cruise travel, on any cruise line, from any port to any destination. 

At this time no cruise line, or government agency, anywhere in the world, can provide assurance that you will actually depart and return on schedule, or find safe travel conditions at your destination or ports of call during your cruise. If you still have your heart set on a cruise give us a call and we will get you connected with a well-qualified cruise agency. 


In addition, currently, the cruise lines are being forced to deal with millions of cancellations and they have not shown an ability to provide refunds, or future travel credits,  in a reasonable time frame when departures are canceled. To make matters worse travelers cannot depend on being protected with Travel Insurance due to Federal Laws that limit coverage during a pandemic.

While it is clear that these issues are not all the fault of the Cruise Lines, we cannot, and will not, process cruise reservations until everyone involved works together to find solutions. We look forward to the time when cruise travel once again becomes the outstanding experience, and value, that we have personally enjoyed over 30 times ourselves. An experience that has also provided millions of wonderful, hard-working people from all over the world, with meaningful employment.

 We are implementing a similar policy for Airfare reservations. 

We will provide flight reservations only when they are part of a complete package that also includes Hotel, Resort, Tour, or Bed & Breakfast accommodations for at least five consecutive nights. 


Consultations By Appointment Only.

We provide travel research and discuss price and booking options by appointment only. We do not provide price quotes by phone, email, or text. Call to arrange a time and place to meet. You can contact us at  (706) 946-0800 or (734)377-5124 to arrange a meeting at Starbucks, Cabin Coffee, or whatever is best for you. If you prefer we can meet at your home or office in Gilmer, Fannin, or Union County, Georgia. We have twice been tested for CORONA-19 and found negative each time. 


If you live outside of our core marketing area, and if you have been referred to us by a current client, we can conduct a consultation meeting using Zoom. Zoom can also be used if there is a health issue that prevents a person to person meeting.

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Meetings in the Age of Pandemic's 

When you are ready to start planning a vacation again it is always best to meet face to face. However, you may still have some health concerns.  


We have found, an excellent solution where we can meet face to face without ever leaving home, We can do that by using the Zoom application which you can access on a PC, iPad, or Smartphone.  We can meet with you at a time that works for you using  Zoom. 


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Many thanks to Jim Rozell for making a very difficult time for us seamless!  Having booked a cruise to Alaska we were excited about our upcoming vacation in June.  Due to the COVID-19  virus we knew we would not be able to go as planned.  As this trip was in the works for a year, all arrangements had been made - cruise to airlines.  One call to Jim and he handled all of the details for us.  We did not have to deal with several different vendors to cancel our plans, Jim took care of everything.  We look forward to rescheduling our trip with Jim!

We just returned from an amazing trip to Ireland/Scotland - taking the Ireland/Scotland Sampler with Peter as our CIE tour guide(amazing history knowledge & entertaining at the same time!) - experienced beautiful sights of both countries including Northern was a dream of a lifetime trip!! Loved every minute..who can say that you had "no hiccups" traveling internationally for 10 days..we can!!! A huge thank you to Avoya Travel Advisor Jim Rozelle & CIE Tours - Peter and driver Mickey -

Jim & June McEldowney, Blairsville, GA

Jim , again I cannot thank you enough for every bit of your assistance with arrangements for this cruise . It is greatly appreciated!!!!! I will definitely be calling upon you again in the future for all my travels for vacations . I will also refer anyone I know looking to book trips to you for sure . You have been so helpful and very accommodating . Again it is so greatly appreciated. 


Jason H. Mineral Bluff, GA.

The World's Only Blue Ridge, GA Based Travel Advisor